28 January 2014

Mistborn: The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson

I read for ten hours straight yesterday in order to conclude Mistborn: The Final Empire and let me tell you I was hooked.  In the very beginning, I was a bit confused.  Now that I finished the book, I can't remember why I was confused, but suffice it to say that I was.  Then about page 50 the book took off and I really got into it. Anywho, I have to get it out of my head and onto paper as to why I thought this book was AMAZING. 

The following is a list of highlights from the book that I noted: **may contain spoilers**

InquisitorsThe second man was tall with a strong build.  As he turned, Kelsier was able to see that a thick metal spike has been pounded tip-first through each eye socket, the nail-like spikes were long enough that their sharp points jutted out about an inch from the back of the man's clean-shaven skull.  The flat spike ends shone like two silvery disks, sticking out of the sockets in the front, where the eyes should have been. 

These guys are absolutely terrifying!  I literally cringed when reading their description and anytime they came into play.  I'm curious to learn (if ever) how exactly the Inquisitors are made. Creepy. 

The Lord Ruler: The lesser of two evils? 

I really loved the originality behind the The Ruler vs. Hero that played out through the diary excerpts.  I was completely stunned when I learned that The Lord Ruler was Rashek (the ultimate Terrisman hater) and had killed the hero (did we even have a name for him?)  Man, evil wins sometimes and then the world is plunged into centuries of tyrannical rule (sort of like American Slavery *burn*). 

What I also found intriguing about the Lord Ruler is that Sanderson hints at him being the lesser of two evils throughout the book.  I mean, the guy obviously did some good, he defeated the deepness.  Or more likely was keeping it in check.  And I quote "You don't know what I do for mankind.  I was your god, even if you couldn't see it.  By killing me, you have doomed yourselves."  Something huge is coming for this world in the following books I am sure.  However, I must note that as a skaa if I had to keep living under the Lord Ruler in skaa-like conditions, I think I might rather have the world destroyed.  

Kelsier: A Self-Made God

Another twist in the plot that completely duped me.  I was sure that Kelsier was going to turn out to be an egotistical maniac like the Lord Ruler that justified future unjust sadistic behavior.  I mean that stunt he pulled pitting the soldiers against one another in the cave hide-out and his self-involved, self-important attitude.  His spreading of god-like mythos about himself and visiting the skaa like Jesus Christesque fashion! I was sure we had another tyrant on our hands that knew what was best for the people. 

Man was I wrong!  I loved Kelsier throughout the book.  A man that can smile through so much hardship and kick butt. *Swoon*.  Hence, my heart broke when he made the ultimate sacrifice.  All of his actions made sense. He didn't want to be a god, but he knew that is exactly what the skaa needed to rebel and I loved him for it. 

Sazed: Refreshing take on Religion

A too common theme in books in general is the corruption/evil of religion. I liked how Sanderson presented the good that religion can do through Sazed.  Sazed states that he believes in all of the religions that he has collected.  When Vin points out that they contradict each other, he replies "Oh, often and frequently they do.  But, I respect the truths behind them all--and I believe in the each one to be remembered."  

We can also see this belief in the importance in the truth behind each religion played out in Kelsier's ultimate plan/sacrifice. 

I loved Vin and her relationship with Elend, but I feel that neither she or this relationship was fleshed out enough for it to be a highlight of the book.  I'm hoping it will be in the following novels. 

26 December 2013

Book Horrors: Rhapsody

I wanted to like this book.  I wanted to finish reading it.  There are certain aspects of this book that are great or could be great.

Achmed the Snake is great.  He is dark, moody, and mysterious but has a lighter side.

Grunthor could be great. Unfortunately, Elizabeth Haydon does not give him the attention that he deserves. On top of that, she gives him a lame hokie accent.

Now on to the terrible.  This is why I wish I could give this book negative stars.   No wait, a black hole to suck this book back to the place it could be. Rhapsody is such a horrid character that
I came to goodreads to see what other readers were saying about her, and it was pretty much what I have to say.  She's too perfect.  So perfect that its unbelievable.  Wait, I take that back.  Her major flaw is that she is dense with a zero ounce of any social skills.

She is freakishly gorgeous, but cannot read the reaction of every man that comes into her contact with her..i.e. please let me bone you.

I rarely put down a book without finishing it, but I just could not take it anymore.  If this book finds its way into you home, please just walk away.

15 December 2013

Being at Peace

I have been going through some stressful times due to my work.  I will leave it at my employer is a bit unethical, which leads to us bumping heads.  Furthermore, things are getting worst and worst as I become more knowledgeable about working IRS resolution cases.

While I am upset and angry at my employer, I do not want to lose the person that I am.  I am not mean and vindictive, and I do not want the actions of someone else to let me become that way.  You see, if I let the actions of others change who I am, then they win.  I have let them effect my inner peace, and I will not let that be.  I will stay true to myself while still having compassion for others.

01 December 2013

As I Am Hair Product Review

I will start with the back story for how I got addicted to this high-end (which means high dollar) product. The other day, my sister washed and deep conditioned my hair.  Normally, this is something that I do myself; however, my hair has been feeling extra dry and has been breaking off like crazy.  I knew that I needed some professional help, and it just so happens that my sister is a professional.

She used some cocktail that she made using several of the hundreds of products that she has.  I don't have hundreds of products so I cannot afford to use a cocktail every time I need a deep condition.  I asked her what could I use to mimic what she had done, and she told me that the star of her cocktail was the As I Am products.  I had seen these products at Sally's Beauty Supply but had steered clear of them because of the hefty price tag.  However, I was desperate.  So this time I decided to fork over the money.

I picked up the Coconut Co-Wash and DoubleButter Cream.  I also bought a bottle of Optimum 6-in-1 Miracle Oil as a sealant.  The Coconut Co-Wash was $7.99. The DoubleButter Cream was $27.99, and the Optimum 6-in-1 Miracle Oil was $8.99.  Everything together plus tax was about $45.00.  Now this was a major splurge for me, especially the DoubleButter Cream; but, I am glad I spent the money.

Now for the review. Let's start with the Coconut Co-Wash.  Usually, I detangle with conditioner before getting in the shower and co-washing my hair.  However, I decided to follow the instructions.  I split my hair into four sections, got in the shower and completely wet my hair.  I then applied the Coconut Co-Wash and attempted to detangle my hair with a wide  tooth comb per the instructions.  This did not work.  My hair was way too tangled!  I had to get out of the shower, sit down and take the time to actually detangle my hair in small sections.  I must say that the slip on this product was not too good.  But, once I got back in the shower and washed the Co-Wash out, my hair was super moisterized and was already shiny.

I then applied the DoubleButter Cream and sealed it in with the Optimum 6-in-1 Miracle Oil.   I left my hair in twists the entire week (half under a winter beanie) until Thanksgiving Day.  As for my twists, they were absolutely gorgeous!  They had never looked so shiny and healthy.  Throughout the week, I kept retwisting the front twists to refresh my style and fell in love with the DoubleButter Cream.  It was so moisterizing and had a thick, luxurious feel.  And pairing it with the Optimum 6-in-1 Miracle Oil was perfect because this oil is not too oily or greasy and has a nice smell.

When I took my hair down for Thanksgiving day it looked amazing.  My twist-out was so well defined and shiny.  It was one of the best twist-outs that I have ever had.  Even my mom and sister commented on how nice my hair looked!
That's me front and center.  Look at the shine!

Long story short, I will definitely be buying these products again.  They are going to be my staple products.

20 November 2013

Almost Human Review

I recently got back into watching television shows.  Seriously. Not too much, but just enough to keep me sane and help me relax.  I like to think that my list is pretty exclusive--e.g. Game of Thrones, Scandal, and The Walking Dead.  I attempted to watch American Horror Story: Coven but there were a whole slew of stereotypes in that show that I just could not get behind.

Then comes along Almost Human, and it looks like it could be great.  However, it also looks like it could be  really bad.  However, I decided to gamble and give it a shot. I mean what harm could it do besides wasting an hour of my life? It helped that the first episode had an enticing plot line involving sex bots whose skins are being illegally harvested from humans.   And while this could have gone off the deep end of being cheesy and perverse in a bro type of way, the episode turned into a touching and thought provoking story.

First, a little bit of an introduction.  Detective John Kennex (Karl Urban) is a detective who is partnered with an android named Dorian (Michael Ealy).  We do not learn too much about these characters in this episode; however, we do learn a little. We learn that Detective Kennex does not like children or kittens and is woefully single, and Dorian is great with children and is programmed to feel.

Now back to the show. The sex bots, who could have come off cheesy in a Vegas type of way, were these completely sympathetic characters because of their programming to sympathize.  On the surface they are sex tools, however, their core essence/programming is not to sexually please but to connect with people.  Its this connection that makes viewers care when in the end all of the sex bots with human DNA have to be terminated.  Its equally touching when Dorian insists on witnessing one of the sex bots termination.  You can see Dorian questioning who will remember him when he is gone and ultimately what is the meaning of "life"?

The official season premier airs November 17th and November 18th (its two part, yeah!), and I will definitely be watching!

16 November 2013

Legend of Korra: Four new episodes all in one night, including the Season Finale!

I have had a somewhat off and on relationship with the Legend of Korra.  It is an amazing show! However, I found it difficult to continuously watch it every Friday.  Sometimes the show got way sidetracked in the side stories involving Republican City and it was hard to stay focus on what the larger picture was.  With that said, I am glad that I stuck with it and forced myself to catch up on episodes that I missed online because the last four episodes of Book Two was inspiring and beautiful.

The story that was told of the connection between mankind and the spirits was powerful. Both Tenzin and Korra had to accept who they were to and that they were not a reflection of those who came in the past to grow spiritually and save the day.  Korra's  and Tenzin's path to self acceptance and connect with the physical and spiritual world around them was so well told that it could be used as a lesson in our own actual life.  That is the true beauty of this show--it is entertaining and lighthearted but has a basis in actual spiritual beliefs and truths.

I will not give any spoilers here.  What I will do is encourage everyone to watch the last four episodes of this amazing series.  You can watch them at nick.com.

29 October 2013


I moved today.  I mean really moved.  It was not a lot of movement, but it was significant.  You see, I've been in this kind of rut where I have been sedentary.  I quite going to the gym and have been saying this is good enough, but its not.  So I moved. I accomplished what I wanted to do today and step out of my house even though I have lately had the tendency to just sit back and not move, but today I moved.

And then I looked at pics of baby wolves! = )