10 October 2012

Zombies Save Lives in Heart Attack PSA

  This is just cruel.  Dear Apocalyptic Zombie Horde: If I die of a heart attack before you can eat my tasty innards, please do not try to bring me back to life.
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07 October 2012

Blow Out

Here are the pictures of a blow out I did this summer for Adam's sisters wedding. I did experience some heat damage but my hair came out really big!


Lately, I have had this major, never-ending craving for nachos.  It came about around Monday of last week and has been non-stop.

03 October 2012

A Queen Has Fallen

The lovely Ms. Sahara Davenport (Antoine Ashley) has passed away at the young age of 27.  I am completely saddened by this news.  I feel for her boyfriend and family. 

02 October 2012

More Real Life Dolls

Real Life Dolls?! WTF

This is creepy but cool at the same time.  This girls name is Anastasia Shpagina and she is a self-described anime character.  Her makeup skills are really legit, however, if this is a daily thing for her then there might be a really dangerous psychological problem going on.  Word is she's talking about getting surgery done to look more in character. Scary.

Hipster Disney Princess - THE MUSICAL

If you want to get on my bad side call me a hipster.  While I might have hipster traits, I am in no way as pretentious as those twad wads!  With that said check out this hilarious video I found via The Mary Sue:

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Sometimes He Was The Only One She Could Talk To | Janet Hill

I was randomly scoping out blogs when I came across the blog of an artist named Janet Hill.  Her paintings are whimsical and crisp.  This one is personally my favorite, and I hope to have it hanging in my home.  Sometimes He Was The Only One She Could Talk To | Janet Hill:

More of her work can be found here.

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Photo Booth of Love!

I love my kooky faces and my BF!

There was some nutty stuff going on here mixed in with some finesse.


I was completely thrown off when I first watched this video.  The look and feel of the video is awesome (Le Sape woo woo) but the song feels like a mash up of two songs.  But by the end of the video, the song grew on me.  It definitely gets an A+ for uniqueness and originality--two things most music is missing these days.