27 February 2011

Birthday Presents

I'm feeling a bit lazy today, but just had to post my birthday presents.  So I got: a kindle, Princess Tiana doll, and a new wig!  Love em all!  The wig is seen in the pics from my bro's bball tourney.

Ja's Basketball Tournament!

Yesterday, the whole family went to my brother's basketball tournament!  We had so much fun!  However, my sister was a bit of a nut job and was yelling at everyone! lol.  In the end it turned out to be  a good day, with my brother's team--the Franklin Heat--taking home bronze.

25 February 2011

TWA: What I'm having a hard time with right now.

They said it would happened.  At some point during one's natural hair journey, they would run into a bump in the road.  One will feel discouraged, or just so over it--and I have hit that point.  For me, that hardship is coming in the form of how short my hair is.  I am not having an issue with my hair's texture--in fact I love it, and could never imagine straightening it again.  It is simple to detangle, just run water over it and wala, detangled.  Its thick, soft, fun to touch, and fluffy.  What I can't stand, however, is how short it is.  I am not a fan of short hair!  It was cute and a novelty at first, something different; yet, now I am so over it!  I look like a boy!  I don't have traditionally feminine features, and every stitch of makeup I can put on my face really goes a long ways--however not far enough.   So for now I have turned to wearing wigs, not because I long for silky, straight, European hair, but because I just long for long hair!  Does this make me a traitor to the natural me?  I don't think so.  I naturally don't have short hair.  Natural does not equate to short, it equates to texture for me.  The good of going natural is that I feel so comfortable with myself that rocking a wig does not take away from my confidence (where before you would never have caught me wearing a wig or weave!)  So hip hip hooray! for keeping it natural and real all at the same time; and growing a 'fro so big that I block out the sun! P.S. I actually love my hair in this picture!

23 February 2011

What I am reading now: Crystal Rain

Currently, I am reading a book entitled Crystal Rain by Tobias S. Buckell.  It is the first book in a series, which I've already read two of the subsequent books--Sly Mongoose and Ragamuffin.  I read Sly Mongoose first--which is at least the third installation in the series--and it is my favorite so far.  All three of the books more or less revolve around a man named Pepper.  We follow Pepper, and any other character, through their trials to free and keep free humanity.  What I really like about this series is that it involves a diverse character cast---with the main character often being brown/black.  I love this!  It is no secret that brown/black characters are often not represented in scifi/fantasy novels--and I for one have always struggled with this.  While I love these genre's, I always wished that they included a more diverse cast--brown, black, and even yellow.  Tobias Buckell, who appears to be white but raised in the Caribbean, has done this.  I recommend this series for anyone who is looking for a new and refreshing take on the scifi genre.

My "Dear John" letter to Final Fantasy.

As I sit here in my chair at my Auntie's house, I am seriously wondering "What happened to the Final Fantasy series?"  As anyone within a hundred yard radius of me may know, I love (or loved) the Final Fantasy series.  Like many, I was a late bloomer; I didn't start playing the series until FF7--one of the greatest rpg's and games of all time!  I could not get enough of Cloud or Sephiroth (both of who I had major crushes on); and I cried when Aerith died.  Then FF8 came out, and I adored it just as well.  Then FF9, which I also loved, but most people underrate; and FF10 everyone agrees was epic!  But after that, everything went down hill.  FFX-2 was horrible, and I never finished it; although, I tried to twice.  Squarsoft effed up by putting FF11 on pc (in my opinion, although people played it like crazy so I guess it was a good move even if it did alienate me a bit.)  After all this failure, imagine my enthusiasm when I learned about FF12 coming back to the PS2!  I needed it more than I needed air; however, when I played it, it was more like sulfuric acid.  The game was a snore.  My main gripe being the way that one traveled through the land.  I didn't feel connected to it.  I felt alienated, again.  But did I loose all hope?  NO!!!  I waited for FF13 with open arms, feeling that Squaresoft had finally gotten it right, especially with a woman as the lead character!  And how did it turn out?! Waah wahhh.....a joke.  I can't get through this game.  I give.  I feel like FF has run out of steam.  It feels like giving up on a boyfriend that you have dated forever, but the love is no longer there.  And with these words I may regrettably be saying good-bye to FF.  However, one cannot say that I won't be coming back for a fling or even a marriage later on.  It's just for now we need our time apart.

Fashion Icon: Kimora Lee Simmons.

Never afraid to wear a weave or photoshop her head on a body that is obviously not hers; Kimora is absolutely FABULOUS!

22 February 2011

Jadia's Cookies

Jadia's cookies are delicious but have lots of sugar!  She got the recipe from a magazine.  They were super messy to make, but worth it!  I can't wait for her to bake some more!

Daily Makeup Inspiration: Summer Pop.

Can't wait to try this look. I've never done anything like it, so it should be exciting!

18 February 2011

Life's Randomness.

I'm sitting at my Auntie's house, looking into the backyard, reading my daily news sites when two ducks (a male and a female) land in the pool!  How cool is that?  Very cool.  Gotta love life's randomness. = ) Zen and Love.

17 February 2011

Wonder Woman #606 and Spider Girl #606

I haven't posted a comic post in a while, so now's the time to catch up.  And what great issues to catch up with! First, Wonder Woman is Kick ASS right now!  I'm not going to give anything away, but just trust when I say it is really juicy right now.  As for Spider Girl, I appreciated the last issue for all of its delicacy w/ dealing with the death of Anya's father, but come on!  Fillers in a comic is no bueno, and that's exactly what I felt issue 606 was. Let's get to the good stuff: ASS KICKING!  They also changed the artwork in this latest issue of Spider Girl for the worst. I hate it.  Hopefully this was all a horrible misunderstanding, and the nice crisp artwork I've come to love will return with the next issue.  I mean, in this issue I couldn't tell that the blob of light brown on the page was Anya sans Spidey Girl costume until one of the characters called her by her name! WTF!  Enjoy these pics. The cover for Wonder Woman #606 was nice--really clean and classic.  They did that for most/all?? the marvel comics last month.

16 February 2011

15 February 2011

Daily Makeup Inspiration: Dior's 2010 Spring Collection.

I'm still feeling the lingering romantic feelings of V'Day, and this look fits that feeling perfectly. Love it!

14 February 2011

Valentine Cookies--All baked in Stilettos!

The Perfect Song for V'day: Meiko "Reason to Fall in Love"

Valentine's Day!!!

Today is Valentine's Day; and I love it!  To tell you the truth, I'm more into Valentine's Day as a single gal than I ever was when I was in a relationship.  I mean all the girly, touchy, feelie stuff is really appealing to me.  I've got my extra long barbie pink nails going, and am going to make heart shaped chocolate chip cookies!  Fun times! Happy V'day!  And enjoy these Valentine's Day inspired photos! Love is in the Air!

12 February 2011

Latest Makeup Obsession: Contouring!

After going gaga over eyeshadow, lipstick, then foundation; I have found my latest obsession--Contouring!  I'm amazed at how it can complete reshape and transform a face!  It's so bad that I dreamed of contouring last night.  I'm on a mission to perfect this art, and will be posting my attempts as I go.  This picture of Kim Kardashian is pure contouring heaven! Wish me luck!

11 February 2011

Song of the Moment: 311's "Amber" and Nikki Jean's "Sunshine"

My songs of the Moment are 311's "Amber" and Nikki Jean's "Sunshine."  I heard "Amber" in the car the other day while driving to that bs job interview, and I swear it kept me from going off and strangling Mr. Garcia (dude that interviewed me.)  It's got such a warm, relaxed vibe that it dissipated some of the anger I was feeling.

I heard Nikki Jean's "Sunshine" the other day while I was watching a makeup tutorial.  I had never heard it before, but it is absolutely fabulous!  And so perfect for Valentine's Day.  Even though I'm single, I'm feeling festive!  Both are posted below, check them out!

Another Unprofessional Interview

Yesterday I had yet another unprofessional interview.  I got the call on Monday scheduling the interview for Thursday @ 10 am.  My mom has been using my car for work, so I got up extra early to get dressed and drop my mom off, then prepped to go to the interview.  I got to the interview 10 min early, and the fuckers had the audacity to be 10 mins late (i.e. they didn't come speak to me until 10:10.) Then before I could even say anything, the fucker told me that they had interviewed someone yesterday that they were going to hire.  WTF! I could not get a courtesy call canceling the interview before I drove all the way to fucking Folsom!?  At this point I'm pretty pissed and feel that today will be a wah wah day.  Thanks Fuckers. Zen and Love.

08 February 2011

15 Color Concealer Pallet

I received my 15 Color Concealer Pallet from HK today!  I'm pretty excited!  It's really slick and slim. The casing feels a bit flimsy.  I haven't tried the pallet out yet, but I'm hoping its of a decent quality. I <3 makeup!

Bohemian Rhapsody

I had a baby shower to go to!  My friend Precious is a having a baby boy (she's 8 months prego).  I pulled this look together because it was a nice sunny day.  Of course, others from my ex-bf group of friends were there and it was awkward. I mean, I was cool, but they were acting stiff.  Oh wells, cookies crumble in that fashion sometimes.  I'm just glad I got to see my girl and show support.  Again, forgot the camera (I've got to stop doing that stuff! LOL) I did get pics of my looks though (in my self-obsessed fashion!) Love ya!

Goth a Go, Go!

I haven't blogged in a while, so I'm doing a series of updates.  First, I went to a goth club!  It was pretty freaking fun!  My friend Kai extended the invite, and I had to accept.  Music was good, vibe was good, drinks were cheap!  That was the reason I had one too many Manhattans (my new drink of choice.)  I forgot my camera in the car, so I only have pics of myself b/4 going to kai's and borrowing this ultra Final Fantasy-esqu corset.

07 February 2011

My Tim has gone....

It is Mon. Feb. 7, 2011 and I just said bye to my friend.  He'll be gone until Aug. This is the first thing that has made me shed any tears in the past year.  I'm sad right now. That is all. Just sad.