16 November 2013

Legend of Korra: Four new episodes all in one night, including the Season Finale!

I have had a somewhat off and on relationship with the Legend of Korra.  It is an amazing show! However, I found it difficult to continuously watch it every Friday.  Sometimes the show got way sidetracked in the side stories involving Republican City and it was hard to stay focus on what the larger picture was.  With that said, I am glad that I stuck with it and forced myself to catch up on episodes that I missed online because the last four episodes of Book Two was inspiring and beautiful.

The story that was told of the connection between mankind and the spirits was powerful. Both Tenzin and Korra had to accept who they were to and that they were not a reflection of those who came in the past to grow spiritually and save the day.  Korra's  and Tenzin's path to self acceptance and connect with the physical and spiritual world around them was so well told that it could be used as a lesson in our own actual life.  That is the true beauty of this show--it is entertaining and lighthearted but has a basis in actual spiritual beliefs and truths.

I will not give any spoilers here.  What I will do is encourage everyone to watch the last four episodes of this amazing series.  You can watch them at nick.com.

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