01 December 2013

As I Am Hair Product Review

I will start with the back story for how I got addicted to this high-end (which means high dollar) product. The other day, my sister washed and deep conditioned my hair.  Normally, this is something that I do myself; however, my hair has been feeling extra dry and has been breaking off like crazy.  I knew that I needed some professional help, and it just so happens that my sister is a professional.

She used some cocktail that she made using several of the hundreds of products that she has.  I don't have hundreds of products so I cannot afford to use a cocktail every time I need a deep condition.  I asked her what could I use to mimic what she had done, and she told me that the star of her cocktail was the As I Am products.  I had seen these products at Sally's Beauty Supply but had steered clear of them because of the hefty price tag.  However, I was desperate.  So this time I decided to fork over the money.

I picked up the Coconut Co-Wash and DoubleButter Cream.  I also bought a bottle of Optimum 6-in-1 Miracle Oil as a sealant.  The Coconut Co-Wash was $7.99. The DoubleButter Cream was $27.99, and the Optimum 6-in-1 Miracle Oil was $8.99.  Everything together plus tax was about $45.00.  Now this was a major splurge for me, especially the DoubleButter Cream; but, I am glad I spent the money.

Now for the review. Let's start with the Coconut Co-Wash.  Usually, I detangle with conditioner before getting in the shower and co-washing my hair.  However, I decided to follow the instructions.  I split my hair into four sections, got in the shower and completely wet my hair.  I then applied the Coconut Co-Wash and attempted to detangle my hair with a wide  tooth comb per the instructions.  This did not work.  My hair was way too tangled!  I had to get out of the shower, sit down and take the time to actually detangle my hair in small sections.  I must say that the slip on this product was not too good.  But, once I got back in the shower and washed the Co-Wash out, my hair was super moisterized and was already shiny.

I then applied the DoubleButter Cream and sealed it in with the Optimum 6-in-1 Miracle Oil.   I left my hair in twists the entire week (half under a winter beanie) until Thanksgiving Day.  As for my twists, they were absolutely gorgeous!  They had never looked so shiny and healthy.  Throughout the week, I kept retwisting the front twists to refresh my style and fell in love with the DoubleButter Cream.  It was so moisterizing and had a thick, luxurious feel.  And pairing it with the Optimum 6-in-1 Miracle Oil was perfect because this oil is not too oily or greasy and has a nice smell.

When I took my hair down for Thanksgiving day it looked amazing.  My twist-out was so well defined and shiny.  It was one of the best twist-outs that I have ever had.  Even my mom and sister commented on how nice my hair looked!
That's me front and center.  Look at the shine!

Long story short, I will definitely be buying these products again.  They are going to be my staple products.

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