26 December 2013

Book Horrors: Rhapsody

I wanted to like this book.  I wanted to finish reading it.  There are certain aspects of this book that are great or could be great.

Achmed the Snake is great.  He is dark, moody, and mysterious but has a lighter side.

Grunthor could be great. Unfortunately, Elizabeth Haydon does not give him the attention that he deserves. On top of that, she gives him a lame hokie accent.

Now on to the terrible.  This is why I wish I could give this book negative stars.   No wait, a black hole to suck this book back to the place it could be. Rhapsody is such a horrid character that
I came to goodreads to see what other readers were saying about her, and it was pretty much what I have to say.  She's too perfect.  So perfect that its unbelievable.  Wait, I take that back.  Her major flaw is that she is dense with a zero ounce of any social skills.

She is freakishly gorgeous, but cannot read the reaction of every man that comes into her contact with her..i.e. please let me bone you.

I rarely put down a book without finishing it, but I just could not take it anymore.  If this book finds its way into you home, please just walk away.

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