27 March 2012

B*tches in Bookshops

I came across this little gem while I was cruising the internet and fell in love!

20 March 2012

Toddlers and Tiara's Update: Stop this nightmare!

If you thumb down and read a couple of posts, you will see that I began using Toddlers and Tiara's as background noise when I am working at home.  Well, that plan is totally backfiring.  I initially started using T&T because I quickly figured out that if I put Star Trek: Next Gen on I would stop doing my work and starting watching television all day long.

However, now I am completely obsessed with T&T and have even caught myself saying things like "Oh, that's cute" or thinking "I can't wait to have a pretty lil' girl so we can do pageants together!" I know. It's scary, but it seems harmless.  So for now, just pray for my soul because I can't stop.  Hopefully all the glitz and glam will wear off, and I'll be back to my normal pageants-freak-me-out self in no time.
I seriously want one of these dresses.  For use in sex role-play  would be too close to wrong for comfort, but simply playing dress up would be almost just as fun.  

By Blood Alone by William C. Dietz

I'm not sure if I posted about Mr. Dietz before, but if I haven't, then you are in for an introduction. = )  Dietz is one of my favorite authors and introduced me to the world of not only The Legion of the Damn but Military Sci-Fi Novels in general.  So, I owe much to Mr. Dietz.  With that said, for the topic/book at hand--By Blood Alone.  I must say that it is no surprised that I loved this book.  Dietz stuck to his usual formula within these novels and wrote a fast-paced but human story surrounding characters that are strong yet vulnerable at the same time.  Dietz also continues to do something that is not often seen.  He thoroughly introduces a character and then kills them off, usually as a casualty of war.  This method conveys the realities of war.  Soldiers and civilians alike lose people that they know and love.

This novel begins with the Legion hurting bad.  Their funding has been slashed and as a result once-soldiers are left unemployed, broke, and disgruntle.  Pair this with an ambitious Governor with her eyes on the presidency, a sentient race who is looking for home planets to house its population which is about to grow to astronomical proportions, and a world of clones looking for some unknown advantage, and you have the makings of an overthrow of a legitimate government in order to further those goals.  Oh, but did I mention that not all of the Legion is ready to jump ship?  This just adds the extra spice of compatriots battling one-time fellow soldiers.

I won't give anything good away.  Just know that once the above scuffle is solved, the book ends with a new threat laying just over the horizon from not one but two new sentient (?) beings.  If you haven't checked out any Dietz novels and you love SciFi, Fantasy, Military novels, what the hell are you thinking?!  Get to it solider! = p

19 March 2012

Walking Dead: Season 2 Finale and looking forward to Season 3!

Last nights Season 2 finale episode of Walking Dead restored my faith in the series!  I had stopped watching the show and have not seen the previous three episode's because I felt the series had become too much of a soap opera and had gone too far away from including zombies in the mix.  With that said, the season finale did not disappoint and made up for the lack of zombies by including a whole herd of zombies!  Yes!

Michonne!?  Yes, finally. Show save +10!
Let's start from the top.  The previous episode left off with Rick killing Shane in "self-defense."  While this was self-defense, you also get the feeling that Rick wanted him dead anyways (which he admits to Lori in the finale.)  Rick come backs to life and our young friend Carl, who is given too much leisure to roam for a 10 year old living in the zombie apocalypse), puts a bullet in his head.  Of course the gun shot attracts any walker within gun shot range.  And this is where the finale starts.

The walkers that we last saw grubbing on Rick's horse back in Atlanta, well they didn't stay in the city.  There dinner party is interrupted by a helicopter flying over head and of course they are drawn in the direction that the helicopter is flying.  It just so happens that the helicopter is flying in the direction of Herschel's farm.  What are the odds?! (Pretty good if Herschel's farm is in the direction of the Prison...this is only my guess of where the helicopter came from.)

Anywho, the zombies play follow the leader with the helicopter and end up occupying the wooded area around the farm.  Thus, when our young lad Carl blasts zombie Shane away, he attracts a herd of zombies.  The zombies swarm the farm and eventually bring about its destruction with the help of Rick and Carl who find it necessary to set them on fire inside of the barn.

Its at this point that all chaos ensues.  The group appears to have no plan.  Its every man for himself first, and then help your neighbor if you can/feel like it.  Well that doesn't work too well and the group is split into mini groups who have no idea what is going on except that they are supposed to meet back at the highway where they encounter the first herd of zombies before coming to Herschel's farm.  Good plan.

A bunch of drama happens, the group finally reunites but wait!  Andrea is missing, at least to the group she is.  And guess what: she has all the guns!  Really?!  Why weren't these things in the lead vehicle?  Anywho, back with the main group, Rick's car runs out of gas and the group stops and builds a fire for the night.  Rick tells Lori that he killed Shane and that he wanted him dead.  Ohhhhhh.  And guess what? Is Lori elated because this is what she has been goading Rick to do the entire time?  No!  She is actually really, really upset and mad at Rick!  Go figure.

When they rejoin the group, Rick breaks it to the group that he killed Shane and a group of people who wanted Shane gone are now all upset with the man who made their wish come true.  Tired of all the whining and pity partying that has been going on, Rick finally loses his shit when a mutiny begins to brim. Rick informs the group that this is not a democracy, (its a Ricktatorship!  Stolen from Talking Dead) and if anyone has a problem with that there's the front door!  Ohhhhhhh.  Surprisingly nobody leaves and Herschel (who I believe has a secret man-crush on Rick) has this little smirk on his face.

Back with Andrea, who has been running this whole time but is still being closely followed by zombies who can only walk swiftly; she finally trips out of breath and is about to meet her maker when a flash of steel separates the encroaching zombies head from its body.  Left in the once zombies place is a hooded figure with two pet zombies chained to her.  Michonne!!!  Yes.

Oh, and least I forget, in the background after Rick's Ricktatorship speech, we see the Prison.  Season 3 looks like its going to be good!!!

18 March 2012

Naamah's Curse by Jacqueline Carey

I have finished reading the second installment of the Naamah's lineage.  I did not enjoy this book as much as the first.  Both books span a lot of space and could be broken into two stories.  That being said, I felt that this one did not do the antagonist enough justice.

12 March 2012

Guilty Pleasure: Toddlers and Tiaras

I recently started throwing Toddlers and Tiaras (T&T) on as background noise for when I work.  The theory is that I would never in a hundred years want to seriously watch this show, so I will not pay any attention to it.  Hopefully, I don't get any funny ideas like dressing up any of my future kids like small wedding cakes and parading them in front of strangers for judgement. = )

02 March 2012

Arrow's Flight by Mercedes Lackey

I finally got around to this little gem that a friend loaned me years ago during law school.  I had forgotten all about until the other day when I ran out of books to read due to holds at the Library.  Goddess, am I glad I read this!  I consider myself a Fantasy lover and can't believe I hadn't read this series before.  It is a great book with romance, magic, and did I mention romance?  I can't wait to finish reading the books I currently have and get my hands on the next book in the series.